About Me

My name is Eric Stephenson and I’m a full-stack web developer based in Seattle, Washington. After traveling the world as a teacher and graduating from business school, I got hooked on code and taught myself to build websites in Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. I have since been helping small businesses get their products and services online in responsive, user-friendly web apps.

I am most interested in modern web development involving Ruby, JavaScript, and the latest Front End technologies, but always seek to widen my technology skill-set. Though I mainly work solo, I am always willing to join a team and collaborate.


If you have a business that needs a website, I can build it entirely and deploy it online. I am experienced in all sides of full-stack development.

I can also write and edit copy, configure your site for Search Engine Optimization, edit images, and code animations with jQuery and CSS3. Anything I build will display properly on all devices.

If you have a project in mind, please get in touch. I am available for freelance, contract or direct client project.


This website was built using Ruby on Rails with Bootstrap. The animations are a product of CSS3 and Compass. Some photos are stock, and others were taken by me.