Bolt Network

Ruby on Rails 5 | ReactJS | PostgreSQL

A Ruby on Rails side project where I attempt to reverse engineer the UI of Netflix.

About this project

Bolt Network is an on-going attempt to reverse engineer Netflix's features and UI. What began as a practice project on Codecademy is now a Ruby on Rails 5 web application with over 100 movie records. Using ActiveRecord queries to a PostgreSQL database, Bolt-Network serves a JSON API to a fully ReactJS front end for displaying and searching popular movies.


  • Netflix-style movie carousels
  • Netflix-style instant-results search
  • Genre, Recently Added, and My List pages
  • Like/Dislike and Add to My List buttons
  • Netflix-style mobile menu

Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails 5
  • ReactJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Docker
  • Heroku


  • IMDB
  • Amazon S3


Bolt Network desktop image


Bolt Network mobile image
Bolt Network mobile menu