RAM Mounts

Ruby on Rails 4 | Elasticsearch | MySQL

E-Commerce website for RAM Mounts, a manufacturer of durable mounting systems for mobile devices. Built in Ruby on Rails with Elasticsearch.

About this project

RAM Mounts is a manufacturer of sturdy mounting equipment for a wide range of electronic devices. This e-commerce website is a Ruby on Rails 4 application integrated with Elasticsearch for high-powered full-text search of over 5,000 SKUs.

While working on this legacy codebase, I went from building new webpages and implementing Bootstrap styling to constructing heavily AJAX-ed search results, Elasticsearch-based APIs, and a variety of Ruby services. To ensure stability and performance, I wrote a substantial test suite using Minitest and Capybara.


  • RAM Mount Builder SPA
  • Full-text search
  • Shop All faceted search pages
  • Mobile-friendly webpages across the board
  • UPS Street Validation during checkout

Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails 4
  • Elasticsearch
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Vagrant


  • UPS
  • Jira
  • MailChimp


RAM Mounts desktop image


RAM Mounts mobile image
RAM Mounts mobile menu